Miss Supranational: Official photoshooting and contestant introduction recording (DAY 4 + 5)


Ughh… That was again a very early morning… I had live video chat late evening the day before so it was again very little sleep. Life of a miss is sometimes hard. :p

Anyway, I really had lots of fun! 🙂 Again we had some professional make up artists and hairdressers to our disposal and it took quite a long time before they were done with perfecting my look. Damn, looking this good takes some time! 😉 Wished I could look like a million everyday but unfortunately it is not possible. The result was flawless again! The photoshoot was in a white gown by choice. I chose for a romantic lace gown that I absolutely love! We also had a photoshoot in the sponsored white swimsuit but I didn’t really feel like it was complementing my body the best but it was fine enough.  Look below to see the results of this photoshoot. Our photographer is really talented, I adore the pics!

The photoshoot took quite a long time especially since all the contestants had to get hair and make up done and then also the shooting so the day contained a lot of waiting, waiting and waiting. At the end of the day we also had a short video recording for the contestant introduction videos. The introduction video is nothing special, it doesn’t contain a lot of info next to my country, name and age but see here below for the result. Looking at yourself in videos is quite confronting, I suddenly realize I really tend to smile a lot (too much?) when I talk. :p

Contestant introduction from countries A to I (Belgium included!)


Official photoshoot:

Belgium 2Belgium-3swimsuiteditedI absolutely adore the pics, they are so professionally made!


25400712_944137309081857_1726357680_oI am totally in love with this jumpsuit! I normally never wear jumpsuits but I think I am going to wear it more often, it looks classy. I just need more occasions to wear it, just like cocktail dresses. Anyone that invites me to fancy parties? 

25434040_944137305748524_920003149_o25383391_944137302415191_1769577698_oDress: Promgirl. Got dressed up to record the contestant introduction video.

1214I look soooo short in these pictures. Is it just optically or is it really like that? :p All the contestants got a big giftset full of nailpolishes of Semilac. Such a nice thing to get!!



We had a restday there. It was good to catch up some sleep and get some rest to load the batteries for the next days!

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