Miss Supranational: Long days of rehearsals (DAY 7,8,9)

The video recording part was done, the official photoshooting was done and the first preliminary was also done so now it was time to prepare for the final show by learning the choreography! Since I participated in Miss Belgium I discovered I love to dance. I am not a supertalent but I think I can find my way quite okay.

We first got to learn all the dances and I tried to do my best as much as I could. I know it is important to do your best at rehearsals since there they chose your place at the show and ofcourse I would love to dance in the front instead of all the way in the back! Luckily the dance teachers recognized my dancing capacities and put me in the best group of dancing. Then eventually I got a place in first row, not in the center but at the sides but I was still quite pleased with the result.

The rehearsal days were extremely long. We had rehearsals from 9.30 until 22 o’clock. I didn’t experience rehearsals that were this long (it was a little too much). I mean I don’t know about the others but I just got the dances quite quickly into my head so I preferred to skip a rehearsal day or an evening of rehearsals to do something else but schedule is schedule. :p I enjoyed it anyway.


Here is a video of our rehearsal days:

Dance rehearsals video


23846018_1950157618333826_5690978938837374662_oGroup picture of all the girls together in our gym outfits (was also the only day everyone was wearing gym clothes :p)


At the rehearsals…

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