Miss Supranational: Swimsuit preliminary and interview (DAY 13)

Another very important day! We had the 2 other preliminaries today which is quite important when you want to get included in the top 25.

We had to get up very early morning to make ourselves ready for THE swimsuit preliminary which would be again aired LIVE. The swimsuit preliminary took place at Aquacity (a swimming pool resort) in Poprad, a Slovakian city. Even though it got aired live and it would have thousands of viewers again, I wasn’t nervous at all since I really got used to getting photographed and recorded.

I feel quite comfortable in wearing a bikini since I don’t really have big complexes about my body or anything but daaayummn some girls really are perfect and some girls really have had some work done. I saw a lot of boob jobs there and even a girl that had surgically thightened her abdomen muscles to make her belly appear more muscled. It is sometimes a special world…

After the swimsuit preliminary we had another rehearsal and after that we had another important preliminary: interview with the judges! This is the part I like since they give you points on what you have to say rather than what you look like. I also brought my charity gift for the auction which was a painting of  Veerle Defer. Anyway, I have to admit I was disappointed with the content of the interview. I just got to introduce myself for one minute together with 4 other girls and then we only got one question which was: Which girl should become Miss Supranational in your opinion without explanation just a name. Like whaaaaat?? Is this the only thing you get graded on, seems quite weird no? I don’t know for sure but I think the real grading was on the live chat since we had to talk a lot there but that is just my idea. 😉

But yes, now all the preliminaries were done and the top 25 would be made…. Exciting…

In this link below you can REWATCH the swimsuit preliminary:

Video preliminary swimsuit


23916460_1511640145609712_5693696474300599820_o24139826_935259516636303_313559929_o23926341_1511632282277165_1994813121818885508_o23916331_1511637342276659_5484355351192571604_o (1)24059542_1954202381262683_6290822032820978364_oPictures of the preliminary swimsuit. I was wearing a bikini I bought at Victoria’s Secret at one of my visits to the United States. I love the coral colour!


kimmieinterview25589688_947974982031423_1618110807_nWearing a formal outfit for the preliminary interview. I am wearing a classy white peplum dress from the UK based clothing store Lipsy. In my hands I am wearing my charity gift which is a painting from Veerle Defer.

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