Festival fashion, hair and make up: Tomorrowland edition

There is one area of fashion I am not so familiar with and that is festival fashion. I have to admit, I haven’t done a lot of festivals in my life yet and maybe that is why? I have been to Balaton Sound in Hungary once and last year I went a full weekend to Tomorrowland and that is about it… Oh yeah, ofcourse I went yesterday too to Tomorrowland otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post.



tomorrowland festival fashion
Don’t mind the lady in the back, I was too lazy to photoshop the background… :p

Shop this look:




I always thought that festival fashion is quite different from my normal fashion style. Anyway, I am finally starting to find some good festival outfits that still suit my style perfectly! Like the outfit I wore yesterday to Tomorrowland for example.
I recently discovered the brand Nasty Gal and they have the most amazing festival fashion I have seen so far.


tomorrowland festival girl


I wore a white lace 2 pieces set and a star necklace from -not suprisingly- Nasty Gal and some golden gladiator sandals I bought in Thailand (I am sorry, I can’t show you that… It was kinda hard to make a full body picture with so many people walking around, haha!).


tomorrowland festival fashion

tomorrowland festival girl
‘Live today, love tomorrow, unite forever’


Oh and you know, I really like festival hair and make up. It is soooo fun! I chose to wear my hair a little messy and wavy with a small braid but I also love these fun hairstyles with a lot of buns and braids. Not to forget to mention that I really love that glitter make up because where do you else find an occasion to wear these glitters on your face?? I did my make up entirely myself and followed the instructions of a nice Youtube video I found. I found the glitters at the nail section of the Dutch store Kruidvat but I am sure you can find some good glitters in any beauty store. Make sure you use some eyelashes glue to make the glitters stick well to your face because you don’t want to have a whole face covered in glitters where it shouldn’t be. :p I made that mistake so I need to redo my whole face again.


I didn’t copy the exact same look, but I got inspired from this. Watch this video yourself to get inspired for your next festival!




Anyway, I went with a good friend of mine to Tomorrowland and it was so fun! The mainstage was again in another theme as you can see on the pictures. Tomorrowland is one of the best festivals in the world handsdown, no wonder why the tickets are so hard to get. 😉

However, I didn’t implement the pictures of me and my friend because these pictures were taken by my phone and it is too bad quality to put in my blog. I should really get a better iPhone, I am still stuck with my iPhone 5s…:p




tomorrowland mainstage
Look at that beautiful main stage! They always do such a good job at tomorrowland every year to make it look very impressive!



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