Gingham tops & white jeans + why I don’t tan my face


Gosh… I just love the gingham print! I have been wearing it a lot this season… I own a gingham skirt, a gingham bikini, a gingham dress and now also a gingham top. 😉




In general, I am not so into wearing jeans/pants, especially not in summer since I prefer skirts and dresses over pants anytime. Anyway, I really love some white skinny jeans in summer because I think it gives such a clean look and suits almost everything!




Oh, and me wearing a hat this year is also something new. I feel like it is not something generally known good enough, but believe it or not: it is scientifically PROVEN that the the UV-A rays of the sun not only damage your skin and increases the risk on skin cancer but that it is the thing that ages your skin the fastest of anything in the world!!




That is why it is important to take care of your skin right NOW.
I know, we all want to have a tanned skin, but I prefer to use a hat a lot of times when it is sunny and I try to wear SPF 50+ cream on my face and chest everyday.

I know you can use botox later, but early sagging and hardening of the skin is not a quick fix. Prevent the aging process now!




Copy this look! (This gingham top of Topshop is sold out unfortunately, but I found a few similar items)



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