My holiday in Hungary (looks + mini guide) : part 2

(If you want to read part 1 of my holiday in Hungary click here)


When I was in Hungary, I of course needed to visit the Capital city Budapest since that is the biggest hotspot of the country!
Keszthely is another city I visited, however a lot smaller than Budapest of course.






The castle of Budapest. It is really impressive, isn’t it? I couldn’t take such a beautiful picture like that so I took it from the internet :p (source:



We went one day to Budapest by car since it only takes 1,5 hours to reach the central heart of the capital city. I already had visited the city once before, but I thought it wasn’t a bad idea to go again.

It was quite a short trip and if you would like to visit Budapest, I would advise you to go for atleast 2-3 days. That way you can see the most touristic attractions and you can take it a little more easy. 😉

On one day, we have managed to visit the castle, the parliament, the Heroes’ square and the chain bridge.

OH AND BIG TIP: If you go with your partner, it is really romantic to do a boat trip on the Donau river. I have done that 2 years ago and it was really worth it, especially when it is evening and when it’s dark.



striped shorts and crop top

striped shorts and crop top
Me right before we climbed up to the castle. You can see a little bit of Donau behind me.

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Budapest castle blogger

Budapest castle blogger
Walking down the stairs of the Budapest Castle…


Budapest chain bridge blogger

Budapest Chain Bridge blogger
In front of the Chain Bridge.


Budapest Castle blogger

view Budapest
Some nice views I have taken a picture of while I was in Budapest.
heroes square budapest
A picture of the famous Heroes’ Square in Budapest. Picture again not taken by me (I don’t think I am that good of a photographer anyway :p). Source:





The beautiful castle in Keszthely is certainly worth a visit. It is surrounded by a beautiful park where you can have a cozy walk in the afternoon. Source:



Keszthely is not as big of a city as Budapest and certainly not as known but it still is a very beautiful small city close to the holiday house.

It is the most known because of the big beautiful castle and the castle park. The city has an overall cosy atmosphere and looks typically Hungarian.




This was an ideal place to make some good pictures for my outfit posts so here you can see the result:



One of my favourite more ‘casual’ outfits: this striped top of Mango is one of my faves!


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These pictures were all shooted in the beautiful castle park. First I was a little in doubt with the fitting of this white maxi dress but after all I think the pictures turned out superb! This white maxi dress is ideal to give a little soft romantic look to your casual summer evenings…


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YES, I got some beautiful flowers! I personally prefer bright pink flowers over red ones because you know, what girly girl doesn’t love the colour pink? I bought this dress long time ago before I went to Miss Supranational 2017 in Poland and I really think this dress is ideal for date night!


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