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One week ago I got the notification from WordPress (the platform I use for blogging) that my blog already exists for 1 year! Wow, time goes so fast.
What is a better way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary than with starting my own Youtube channel and my first question & answer blogpost AND video?

I asked all of you guys to enter some questions you want to get answered about me on my Instagram stories and this is the result. I got overloaded with questions so that is why I have tried to limit the questions to 10. (I might do a part 2 of Q&A to answer the rest of your questions but I can’t promise!)

Let’s get to know me!! (If this is the first time you visit my blog or have seen my social media, you can always get a quick introduction on the About me page.)

(By the way: I really need to improve my lighting. I want to have that lighting these big Youtubers use where your skin directly looks flawless. Here you just see all the imperfections in my face, noooo! :p)

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  1. Where do you come from?

I come from Belgium, it is a country in Europe in between France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg!

My native language is Dutch, but I also speak a little bit of English (as you might hear!), German and French.


  2. How did you get into blogging?

I started blogging since exactly one year ago. I already wanted to start blogging since I was 12 years old but just didn’t find the courage to start one and expose myself to the world. I was always afraid of critics and what people would think of me. I also just didn’t know where to start.

However, in the year of 2017 I participated in pageants both nationally and internationally and there I have really grown a lot as a person. I learned to be myself and I have grown so much confidence that I now make decisions for myself not based on what people might think or say but based on what I want and think is good for me. That’s where I finally found my true self again and discovered I wanted to fulfill my old teenage dream of blogging.


  3. What do you do in daily life? Do you work/study or do you blog full time?

In daily life, my life is mostly filled with reading/studying in the medical books. :p I am a master student in medicine, that means that my ultimate goal is to become a doctor.  My dream was always to become a plastic surgeon, but I will see what opportunities will come on my path.


  4. How do you combine your studies with blogging?

It is quite challenging that is for sure! I think the most important thing is planning. There are times where I really get so busy with studying that I don’t really have the time to go shoot outfits or make posts, but I make sure I always make a lot of content in advance. In exam period, I never shoot pictures or make blogposts. Sometimes I just don’t make any posts at all during that time or very little and if you see posts it is all scheduled in advance. 😉


  5. Do you have any social media tips?

Yes, I do have.  I am actually thinking of making a video about that, so I will keep my answer for there.


  6. Who makes your pictures and how do you edit them?

Most of the time that is my boyfriend’s job. I don’t know what I would do without him because he is always there when I need it. Paying for a photographer is rather expensive and unfortunately I am not that big so that I can afford one, haha.

I edit my pictures in Adobe Lightroom and make my own presets. I sometimes also like to use Snapseed and the VSCO app.


  7. How tall are you?

I actually have never measured myself exactly but I guess I am around 1m65 or 5’4.


  8. What is your biggest flaw?

I think my biggest flaw is FOR SURE the fact that I am not so organized and quite chaotic. I always try to do something about it and improve myself but for some reason that just never works.


  9. What do you eat in a day and what do you do to work out?

Honestly, I am the worst example of how to live a healthy life and how to stay fit. I just always eat what I feel like for and I barely work out. Sometimes I manage to do a 30 minutes workout at home where I train my belly and thighs but I should do it more often. I promised myself that I would work on my bikini body before the summer of 2019! Let’s see what happens…


  10. Best holiday destination?

That’s a though one. One of the things I love to do the most is travelling and exploring new countries and culture. I just think that every country I have visited has something beautiful and unique. However, I have the best memories with my trips to USA that I did with my family. I think the United States is so different from state to state and it has amazing nature. I especially loved my trip to California and I have never ever seen such an incredible city like Las Vegas. Or the Grand Canyon or ….


  11. Do you have any style or beauty icons?

Yes, I do have for sure! Since I was a teenager, I looked up to the Swedish blogger Kenza Zouiten. As for beauty, I always LOVED the videos of Michelle Phan. I think she really gave such great advice in terms of make up and beauty in general. I learned a lot of her and it is so sad that she left Youtube. Who agrees??








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