Pumpkin Shopping in Kasterlee

Dear readers,

If you have followed me on Instagram, you might have seen that I went to Kasterlee for a day to go pumpkin shopping.
Pumpkins remind me of the days in my childhood where I always had so much fun when it was Halloween!
I remember we used to do Halloween night/evening walks with my family and with my best friend.
My mom would always make pumpkin soup (and I sooo enjoy that!) and we would go to these autumn markets with pumpkins and fall related activities in our neighbourhood.
Honestly, I can’t remember when I did things like these the last time; I don’t even celebrate Halloween or get dressed up and go out to party.
I am soooo boring, haha… Or maybe I am just too busy to do any of these things, let’s just say it is that.


Unfortunately this skirt is sold out on the site of http://www.shein.com! You can find more leather skirts and don’t forget to get some discount with the codes ‘2KIMEU’ or ‘T4kim15’.


I also work really hard to combine my little ‘hobby’ with medical school and next to that I also have a private life like everyone else so there is just not a lot of time left to do other things I guess…
However, I wouldn’t want to change anything and I am so passionate about everything I am doing and that’s the most important, right?



Anyway, let’s talk again about pumpkins, October and Halloween!
I do like to buy pumpkins to decorate my appartment so that there is a little autumn atmosphere.
That’s why I like to go to Kasterlee because it is THE place in Belgium to find pumpkin farms.
There are a lot of activities in October that are pumpkin inspired: the European championship of the biggest pumpkin, the pumpkin regetta and the pumpkin market!
How cool is that?
Unfortunately, most of the activities in Kasterlee are cancelled due to Covid-19 but it might be worth a visit next year! 😉

Find more information on the tourism website of Kasterlee: https://www.visitkasterlee.be




I got all of my pumpkins in ‘De Pompoenerie’ which is a very beautiful pumpkin farm where only people with a disability work.
It is good to support them by buying some pumpkins, right?



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I think we can conclude that going to Kasterlee in October is a perfect way of spending your weekend! (Especially, if Covid-19 doesn’t cancel all activities 😉 )


At least, now I have some pumpkins to put in front of my door. 😉


Happy Halloween!


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