VIDEO: A day in the life of a medical student following online classes in a pandemic!



I am finally done with making my first vlog about my daily life!
This vlog was quite a hassle to get done..
All the video fragments took in such a big memory on my phone and my laptop that I had to go buy an external hard disk to use while editing (beginner problems!).
I bought an external hard disk from the brand Seagate (worst brand for external hard disks ever… Please don’t buy) and it suddenly crashed out of nowhere and I couldn’t get my files back.
It was exactly at the time where I was finally done with the editing and I started to see an end result.
I lost all the editing and I lost a few files – luckily I managed to find most of the files in a Cloud service and on my phone but still.
I didn’t even know that external hard disks could crash out of nowhere!
For everyone who uses external hard disks to store important files: Make sure you have another back up on another external hard disk, phone, cloud service or laptop in case it suddenly crashes. :/
It can be a big disaster so be prepared!

Anyway, what a good start of my vlogging life, isn’t it. 😉


First a little more information: I wanted to post this vlog when the online classes I had were still going on, but  because of all the problems I have to post this vlog more than 3 weeks after the end of my online classes month.
I only had one month of online classes in between my internships at the hospital and I wanted to show you how that was like.
It was still ‘code red’ for higher education, which means that all classes were online (except a few practical ones).
My vlog is not representative for students who have online classes since March last year, I have the ‘luck’ that I have internships in between and that my exams are over.
I just have online classes as an intermezzo of one month in between the internships, that’s why I don’t experience the online classes as hard and isolating as the average student. 😉
I do talk about the effect of online classes in this pandemic on students, a topic that certainly deserves attention.





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Never hesitate to give me some feedback because I am not used to making + editing vlogs like this and I am open for constructive criticism so that I can make the best videos possible!

Thanks for reading and watching!


Lots of love,


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