Tulip fields in Belgium

tulpen België

Dear readers,

First of all, Happy Easter to you all!
I hope you have spent a lovely day so far, despite the Covid-19 restrictions.
I visited some tulip fields in Belgium, there is a big one in Waasland.
Actually, my planning for spring was to finally go visit ‘Keukenhof’ near Amsterdam because it is world wide famous for the big tulip fields.


Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to travel outside of Belgium, so that is why I did a little research and there are a few tulip fields in Belgium too.
With Covid-19 it is important to find some beauty in your own country, even when we don’t have a lot of nature in Belgium.
I discovered so many nice places in Belgium because of Covid-19 and I have found beauty in the smallest things…


Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy today which wasn’t the best for making pictures.
I also planned to make a ‘behind the scenes’ vlog but it was so cold that I didn’t find the courage for that.
I hope to do that next time! 😉

My DSLR camera was also working against me today… That made me realize I should actually get a decent course in photography to know what settings I actually should use before starting a shoot, lol.
I made all the pictures with iPhone and I think it worked out okay!

This the only pic that was shot with my DSLR camera but I think you can see the lighting is off in some way… What do you think? I should really learn more about my DSLR camera to avoid things like these!

Next to the shoot of today, I spend these 2 Easter days quite relaxed.
Next week I start with my gynaecology rotation and it’s good to be able to relax a little!
See you soon!



Lots of love,


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