My Experience with a 24 Hour Shift at the Emergency Room | How Do Some Doctors Work 24 Hour Shifts?

24 hour shift medical student rotation

My regular YouTube viewers probably find my channel in sync with a medical student’s lifestyle. Staying true to that theme, I’m back with another sneak peek into my medical life.
I have finally finished a vlog I was filming many months ago, but had totally forgotten about it due to the hectic final year of medical school.

Many of you might have heard that some doctors have to do a 24 hour shift i.e. they are on duty from the time their shift starts till the same time next day. This might sound a very hard task especially in the medical field where there is no margins for error.
In this vlog, I will be haring my experience when I did a 24 hour shift as a medical student.
I have covered my entire day from leaving for the hospital in the morning till the end of my shift.
I will share how hard it is for doctors you serve on a 24 hour shift, can we get to sleep on a 24 hour shift and other things I experience during my 24 hour medical shift.

I will be back soon with another exciting video to grace your screens. Until next time 😉




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