VIDEO: The Evolution of the Ideal Body Throughout History: From Prehistoric Era to the ‘Instagram Influencer’

Did you know that a recent study found that a staggering 80% of women are unhappy with their bodies to some degree? In our social media-driven world, we’re constantly bombarded with images of the perfect ‘Instagram model’ body. But guess what? Throughout history, the ideal body has changed drastically!

Not only does Instagram portray an unrealistic body type as the ideal, but it also limits the representation of body diversity. Additionally, the use of editing apps on social media platforms contributes to negative body image. It’s important to note that in 2023, editing apps have advanced to the point where they can quickly edit not only pictures but also videos. When browsing social media, be aware of this phenomenon and remember that much of what you see is artificial and not a true reflection of reality.

After extensive research, I’ve discovered that the ideal female body has varied widely over time – from stick-thin to curvy hourglass, small breasts to big bellies. So, for those of you struggling with body image, this video is a reminder that you can embrace and love your body even if it doesn’t fit today’s “trend.” Why should we treat women’s bodies as a trend, anyway?

Your body is not a fashion trend. Courtesy to ‘Glamour’ for the picture.

While there are universal timeless beauty ideals like facial symmetry and the golden ratio, this is not what we will talk about in this video. Today’s focus is on the ever-changing ideal body throughout history. It’s far from constant and highly dependent on culture and time.
And so, beauty is often credited to the eye of the beholder but we’ve been conditioned to see it through the eyes of what society dictates to us.

This video will be pretty long since I wanted to be as complete as possible but I have divided this video into chapters, so if you want to go straight ahead to the more modern times like the 20th and 21st century, then you are free to do that.

I will also talk about what women did to achieve the ideal body of their time as today we all know about plastic surgery, but before this became a thing, women already went to extreme measures to achieve the desired beauty ideal of their time. 


I want to make it clear that while my blog and YouTube channel approach the topic of plastic surgery from a positive perspective, I believe it should be approached with caution and consideration. It is important for individuals to be fully informed about the risks and benefits, and to make their decisions based on personal desires and enhancement of their own body type, rather than solely to conform to passing beauty standards.

I am not a proponent of following trends in ideal body types, as trends are transient. Instead, I encourage individuals to focus on enhancing and embracing their own unique body types in a way that brings them personal satisfaction and confidence.

So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating evolution of the ideal body!

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