About me

Hello everyone,

My name is Kim Liselotte Detollenaere, and I am the owner of this blog Doctor Contour (previously ‘The World of Kim’).
In 2022, I obtained my medical degree from the University of Brussels.

The dichotomy of being a medical doctor AND a content creator…

In my initial years at medical school, I had an epiphany; my days were rich in studies but poor in life experiences. Despite my undying love for science and the workings of the human body, I felt like something was amiss. My creative side lacked expression.

So, I stepped into the world of fashion, made some appearances in the media, and also started my blog. Driven by my love for writing, as well as for everything related to beauty & style, I have built my presence here along with social media channels such as Instagram.

β€˜She remembered who she was, and the game changed.’
~ Lalah Delia

Moreover, I often felt that as a future doctor, I was pushed into a corner with ideals that I had to live up to. Even in 2022, a woman who likes fashion and indulges in self-care draws skepticism in the professional sphere. Career fields that were male-dominated until recently still reek of these gender-based biases.
Therefore, this blog and my Instagram aim to break this stereotype and prove that being feminine and being a competent doctor are not mutually exclusive.
I also firmy believe that everyone should dare to express their authentic self because that is the key to happiness. Too many people are unhappy in a society that mainly thinks in boxes.

I like to put it as: When you don’t fit the mold, make a new one!

This blog and my Instagram aim to break this stereotype and prove that being feminine and being a competent doctor are not mutually exclusive.

In addition to beauty and style content, I shared my life as a medical student. In collaboration with my university, I started vlogging about my internships in different medical specialties. I also guided the doctors-to-be through the content.
These videos were the start of my Youtube channel and are still benefitting the viewers worldwide (other language speakers may use subtitles).
Up to this day, I am continuing to post new videos but in a different format so I invite you to subscribe to my channel to not miss out on any content.

Finally, I must reiterate my preference for the art of medicine. But my other passions such as beauty/aesthetics, fashion, lifestyle, and content creation are also very close to my heart.
That is why I have decided to continue my digital journey as a medical doctor, combining medicine and the above interests. I hope to give my audience valuable information about various topics in medicine, aesthetics, lifestyle and so much more.

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Lots of love,

Dr. Kim Detollenaere