About me

Meet Dr. Kim Detollenaere, owner of ‘Doctor Contour’!

How It All Started…

In my initial years at medical school, I had an epiphany; my days were rich in studies but poor in life experiences. Despite my undying love for science and the workings of the human body, I felt like something was amiss. My creative side lacked expression.

To fill that creative void, I stepped into the world of fashion, made some appearances in the media, and also started my blog (then named ‘The World of Kim’). Driven by my love for writing, as well as for everything related to beauty & style, I have built my presence here along with social media channels such as Instagram.

She remembered who she was, and the game changed.’ ~ Lalah Delia

Documenting My Life as a Medical Student

In addition to beauty and style content, I shared my life as a medical student. In collaboration with my university, I started vlogging about my internships in different medical specialties. I also guided the doctors-to-be through the content.
These videos were the start of my Youtube channel and are still benefitting the viewers worldwide (other language speakers may use subtitles).

Creating ‘Doctor Contour’: Your Guide to Cosmetic Procedures, Expert Beauty Tips & Improving Body Image!

Even after graduating as a medical doctor, I continue to be active as a content creator on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram (and ‘Doctor Contour’ Instagram), TikTok, Twitter, Facebook (and Facebook page ‘Doctor Contour’), and my blog ‘Doctor Contour.’ However, in a different format!

I no longer make videos and blog posts about studying medicine, but my blog and YouTube (as well as other social media platforms) contain content about my two intertwined passions: beauty and medicine. Here, you’ll find advice on various cosmetic procedures, improving body image, and expert beauty tips (such as skincare, anti-aging, etc.).

Expertise Gained and Current Practice

During my final years in medical school, I spent a lot of time in the plastic surgery department and completed several elective and international rotations in this field. This has provided me with valuable experience and knowledge that helps me create this content.

Additionally, after graduating as a medical doctor, I pursued further education as an aesthetic doctor. This involves performing non-invasive aesthetic procedures such as injectables. I have undergone various training programs both domestically and internationally to enhance my skills. Currently, I am practicing as an aesthetic doctor at ‘The Enhance Clinic’ in Ghent, Belgium.

To be continued…