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VIDEO: The Evolution of the Ideal Body Throughout History: From Prehistoric Era to the ‘Instagram Influencer’

In my latest video, I dive into the intriguing topic of the ideal body and its transformation throughout history. From the ancient era of the Venus of Willendorf to the current era dominated by ‘Instagram influencers,’ the standards of beauty have constantly evolved. Join me on this captivating exploration as we uncover the societal, cultural, and technological influences that have shaped our perception of the ideal body over time. Together, let’s challenge conventional beliefs and celebrate the diversity of body types that have been embraced throughout history. Your body is not defined by passing trends; it is a unique and beautiful reflection of the ever-changing nature of beauty itself.

I swear by vitamin E and SPF for my skin…



I know I recently made a blog post featuring Goodiebox with a lot of products to help you prep your skin for summer.
However, I didn’t mention some very important products that I use on a daily basis which is the use of vitamin E and of course SPF for my skin!

I swear by using an SPF 50 cream on a daily basis and I really like this one below of B-protect Eau Thermale Avène. The cream isn’t tinted, however it doesn’t make my skin white after applying it which is a huge plus (number one thing I don’t like about creams with a high spf factor -_-).

This way I try to slow down the aging process of the skin: by not exposing my skin too much to the damaging UV-A rays of the sun.





SPF 50 cream of Eau Thermale Avène
SPF 50 cream of Eau Thermale Avène





Another thing I like to use are lip balms with SPF 20 factor of the Couvrance line of Eau Thermale Avène Couvrance. We tend to forget to take care of our lips but it is also very important! I also love the fact that these lip balms give nutrition and protection to your lips while still giving it a pop of color.
They have three different shades to chose from: bright pink, nude and bright red.









I didn’t talk yet about the importance of the use of vitamin E for the skin, right?
Vitamin E works as an antioxidant for the skin and can help in various kinds of cellular restoration from sun damage to healing support for scars and burns.
That is why I love to wear the radiance serum of Eau Thermale Avène, which contains vitamin E, before I wear my day cream.





Radiance serum of Eau Thermale Avène contains vitamin E. Wear it everyday before applying your day cream.





And last but not least,  I love to use a thermal water spray to give my skin some hydration during the day (especially on hot days!).
Sometimes I also like to use it as a setting spray after I applied my make up or after I shaved my legs.




Thermal spring water spray gives such a refreshing boost during hot days!


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