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Miss Supranational: FINAL SHOW 1/12 (DAY 17)

So this is my last blogpost in the Miss Supranational serials… And we end with the climax… The big show of Miss Supranational that has annually several billion viewers when it gets aired in December was about to start soon…

So we didn’t get a lot of sleep before the final night, we had to get up early to do the general rehearsal and no, we also didn’t eat a lot during the last day. I was almost fainting due to the effects of hypoglycemia because we didn’t get lunch and the tough rehearsing has its toll. Anyway, luckily I didn’t faint and we got atleast something to eat before the real show was about to start.
It was a little stressy to get the make up and hair done of 70 girls but luckily we were in time. Wooow, that was REAL show make up and hair. It was really va-va-voom, big hair and heavy make up: that is what is needed for the heavy lighting under the spots of the stage. My make up was apparently based on one of J lo’s red carpet looks, so then you kind of feel like a star, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean it is quite cool since in normal life youย  never get to look as wow like that.



Me in my Belgian national costume made by designer Roman Vandycke. Have you ever seen such a special costume like this?

I have to say I felt extremely relaxed on stage… Like normally I am so sooo nervous, but now I just more enjoyed the dances than to have stress for it. I was actually quite relaxed to be honest. Maybe the fact that we rehearsed for days and hours looong really made the difference and that way you are so used to all the dances and all the steps that it becomes like automatic pilot. Or maybe it is the fact that after having so much pageant experience in a short time, I really got used to being on a stage. I also didn’t realize the show would be watched by so many people since you are just in front of a camera but the realization is not there. The only thing I was VERY scared for, was that I would fall on stage during the national costume competition. I wore these very very high heels (15 cm) to get the maximum height on stage since you quickly disappear on such a big stage like that and I am already quite small with my 1m65. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I was not so used in walking in them so I was a little scared for that. :p Also my national costume I really liked and I thought it was special but it was very very hard to walk on it, I could only walk very small steps but we had to walk in groups of 3 so I was just walking so far behind them because I couldn’t follow. :p Luckily the cameramen were good at avoiding that as much as possible on screen.


Swimsuit dance on stage, can you spot me? (For sure for me the best part of the show!)


Backstage with the lovely Miss El Salvador and Miss France. Here you really can see that my make up is VERY heavy but under the big spots, it looks a lot less. :p (not so flattering picture anyway)

Quite soon already the top 25 got announced. I didn’t expect to be in there since you could notice a little during the trip who were the favourites of the organisation and it was not me. :p I honestly didn’t really like that, since there were clearly some girls more picked for extra photoshoots than others but that is just how it is. Also the country that you represent has a big influence on your ranking and I think it says something if Belgium barely reaches a top on international level. Anyway, I didn’t really see the top 25 and top 10 completely coming, but that is just the choice of the organisation. This is just my honest opinion on it and I like to be that in my blogposts without hiding too much, although I am bound to a contract so I am not allowed to say everything.


Before the top 25 got announced. I like this dress of Chic dress by luxury but I think I could have made a better choice for on stage…

Anyway, I was never there with a certain goal in mind, reaching the top 25 would have been wonderful but for me I was just there to have fun and to get that big experience in my life. For me it looked like a total dream to be in one of the biggest international pageants in the world and it was also partly like that, but everything has its pros and cons ofcourse. Would I do it again given the opportunity? Well it is a long time away from my study so that is a little bit of a problem but in general such a big international pageant is hard work and you are not just there for a holiday. You have very little sleep, you are not really free to do what you want and you are constantly being judged, and a lot of times for superficial reasons. But ofcourse next to that, I really still think it was a once in a lifetime experience where I met tons of nice people from a different background and culture, I couldย  wear all these nice dresses and I could be on a big stage in such a big show! It was really special and I have also grown a lot as a person. Pageants might be a little superficial, but after all that pageant experience, I have gotten more confident than ever! (I think I also would never have dared to start a blog without all these experiences, so that says enough right :p)


Me and Miss Singapore backstage at the end of the show where we had to be dressed in silver gowns. This dress I really really like, also of Chic dress by Luxury.

Here you can see the final show for those who are interested:

Final show Miss Supranational 2017



Miss Supranational: final rehearsals on the real BIG stage (DAY 14, 15 + 16)

DAY 14:

Rehearsal from 9.30 to 22 o’clock

DAY 15:

We had been in Slovakia for the entire Miss Supranational adventure, now it was time to leave the country and go to Poland where the final show would take place. It was the moment we all had been waiting for and the ride was quite though.
Personally, I didn’t think it would be so hectic. I never have experienced such an international pageant and I thought 2,5-3 weeks would be enough to do all the things that has to be done in a pageant but for some reason it was really busy. I had an average amount of sleep of 6 hours and I was not used to that. Even not in exam period. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But you know, apparently that is just how it is with pageants. Most girls also got up atleast 2 hours before breakfast. Yes, 2 hours… Some even 3 hours! It might seem a little crazy for some people but that is just how it is.. It stays a beauty contest and then also one of the biggest in the world so looking your best takes some time. That might also be the reason why we were lacking sleep. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (but for your information: it is not a routine that is done in normal life, haha, wouldn’t be able to keep up with that!)

In the morning I did a quick photoshoot with the photographer of Miss Supranational Milton Mieloch. I really love the results… I think I want to get more photoshoots done, so keep following my blog to see more pictures of me, it won’t be the last one. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Wooow, I really like the work of this talented photographer! Thanks to Milton. It looks so classy… Which picture do you like the most?ย 

After that we had to check out of the hotel. The hotel we stayed in was really lovely and luxury right in the middle of a ski resort in the middle of the mountains filled with snow. It was a good hotel, the only thing that was a little special was that we had to pay for our towels. You know, if we made a spot on a towel or even our sheets, then we immediately had to pay the full amount of that towel or these sheets. So ofcourse almost everyone had spots because of make up or self tanner and in the end we all got a very big bill. Some even had a bill of 180 euros! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
I really find it a little crazy a hotel fines you for making spots on towels. Isn’t that what towels are used for, to get dirty? Or like, okay, also me I had some spots of make up on a towel so I had to pay for a few but then when I got home and washed that towel myself, it was all clean again.
So I don’t know if that is anywhere near normal for a hotel to do, but I thought that was really not the best service… I mean the first week all the girls together already had a bill of 2000 euros on sheets and towels. :p Weird…

So after checking out of the hotel and saying goodbye to the beautiful Slovakia, we got into the bus to drive to Poland for rehearsing on the big stage and the show itself. I think it was around 17 o’clock when we arrived after a 3-4 hour busdrive.
We didn’t eat, we didn’t change, we didn’t put our luggage in the hotel, no, we went straight to the place with the big stage and rehearsed there immediately. There was no time to lose. So we rehearsed until 22 o’clock and then after that we finally had dinner. Although, it was very tiring, I still really loved to do rehearsals. When we rehearsed the walking part in evening gown for top 25 and top 10, I really enjoyed it.
It was a very big stage we rehearsed on and later did the show on, it was the biggest stage I have ever seen. No wonders Miss Supranational is so loved because of their production. It is so well made and big!
I really love to be on a stage, but unfortunately it is not something I can do for daily life as a medicine student. :p
Oh and unfortunately I didn’t make it to top 25 and top 10 so I couldn’t do it eventually, so uhm that was a little bit of a bummer… But yeah, it is just how it is. I had a great time! (okay, I already tell to much about the show, for a detailled report please visiting my blog for a new blogpost about the last day).

DAY 16:

LAST rehearsal day on the big stage. There is actually not a lot to say here, haha. :p Just rehearsing all the time…

Here are a few pictures of the rehearsals on the stage (I didn’t find a picture I was in but it gives you a sort of image):



Miss Supranational: Swimsuit preliminary and interview (DAY 13)

Another very important day! We had the 2 other preliminaries today which is quite important when you want to get included in the top 25.

We had to get up very early morning to make ourselves ready for THE swimsuit preliminary which would be again aired LIVE. The swimsuit preliminary took place at Aquacity (a swimming pool resort) in Poprad, a Slovakian city. Even though it got aired live and it would have thousands of viewers again, I wasn’t nervous at all since I really got used to getting photographed and recorded.

I feel quite comfortable in wearing a bikini since I don’t really have big complexes about my body or anything but daaayummn some girls really are perfect and some girls really have had some work done. I saw a lot of boob jobs there and even a girl that had surgically thightened her abdomen muscles to make her belly appear more muscled. It is sometimes a special world…

After the swimsuit preliminary we had another rehearsal and after that we had another important preliminary: interview with the judges! This is the part I like since they give you points on what you have to say rather than what you look like. I also brought my charity gift for the auction which was a painting of  Veerle Defer. Anyway, I have to admit I was disappointed with the content of the interview. I just got to introduce myself for one minute together with 4 other girls and then we only got one question which was: Which girl should become Miss Supranational in your opinion without explanation just a name. Like whaaaaat?? Is this the only thing you get graded on, seems quite weird no? I don’t know for sure but I think the real grading was on the live chat since we had to talk a lot there but that is just my idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But yes, now all the preliminaries were done and the top 25 would be made…. Exciting…

In this link below you can REWATCH the swimsuit preliminary:

Video preliminary swimsuit


23916460_1511640145609712_5693696474300599820_o24139826_935259516636303_313559929_o23926341_1511632282277165_1994813121818885508_o23916331_1511637342276659_5484355351192571604_o (1)24059542_1954202381262683_6290822032820978364_oPictures of the preliminary swimsuit. I was wearing a bikini I bought at Victoria’s Secret at one of my visits to the United States. I love the coral colour!


kimmieinterview25589688_947974982031423_1618110807_nWearing a formal outfit for the preliminary interview. I am wearing a classy white peplum dress from the UK based clothing store Lipsy. In my hands I am wearing my charity gift which is a painting from Veerle Defer.

Miss Supranational: pyjama’s party, trip to the mountains and another live chat! (DAY 11 + 12)

DAY 11:

We got another rehearsal day… Another rehearsal day from 9.30 until 22 o’clock, but the evening part got a little different this time. Normally we either rehearsed in gym clothes or even in fine cocktail clothes since it is an international pageant for something, but this time we all wore our most cute pyjama’s to rehearse in the evening. After that we had a sort of pyjama party, we had lots of fun (And made me sort of realize I should invest in a prettier pyjama :p)!

DAY 12:

It is always fun to do something else than rehearsing and that is why it was fun to have a trip to the mountains with all contestants together! I have to admit it was not so special for me to go to a mountain since I am used to going on skiing holiday since I was very very young but it was still fun. We took a cable lift and then got up to the top of the mountain where it was freeeeeezing cold (like minus 12 degrees Celcius). There we made a few pictures with our national flags included. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It might not seem very spectacular to go to a mountain but for some people of certain countries it was quite special to see since some people never had seen snow before. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the evening I had a live chat again, you know the one that we got extra because our first recording wasn’t good enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This time no make up and hairdressers which I don’t like since I tend to fail in it, haha. :p But this time I was already used to being live in front of a camera so I think I really succeeded big time! We also had some time to prepare our questions in advance which made a big difference in the quality of my answer and I think I really brought a good message to people.

You can rewatch the live chat here:

Live chat DAY 12

You can also watch a compilation of our cozy pyjama party:

Pyjama party video

24129704_1952932298056358_424911204210883409_nkimmetjexx24059450_1952932198056368_3200322541254333466_o23926646_1952935004722754_2167368608875246540_o23926536_1952932404723014_1379069136319905969_oA few pictures of our trip to the mountains with all the flags. It was so much fun!


23915776_1952347191448202_3933427048190740556_n24058757_1952348778114710_5068278118907515205_n23846018_1950157618333826_5690978938837374662_o23916325_1952349914781263_6703066140639716447_o23847524_1952349838114604_9214863092933660547_oSo cosy with all our pyjama’s on! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Miss Supranational: Going shopping and watching ice hockey! (DAY 10)

Finally we got to do something else than rehearsing all the time. :p Or atleast after a morning of rehearsing we could do something else. We were already at day 10 and I was out of a lot of cosmetic products I needed to buy so it was really good we finally could get out of the hotel for once. These big international pageants are really really strict: we were not allowed to go out of the hotel the entire time without any chaperone and we were bound to a strict schedule. I was happy I finally could go shopping with the other contestants and buy the stuff I needed. Anyway, here again we had a tight schedule since we only had a good hour to walk in the shopping mall but I got to buy everything I need! But it was very cosy and nice to be out and no one less than the one and only Miss Supranational 2016 Srinidhi Shetty accompanied us!

I also got to see a little bit of Slovakia and the people there. It is really different than Western Europe where I live, everything is a little more old and basic but it really has its charmes.

After the small shopping trip we got to go to an ice hockey match. That was really really cool to see, I had never seen this before since it is not so common in Belgium! It was fun to see and we also got to see the misters of Mister Supranational, the male part of the Miss Supranational contest, which is also quite big. But like I said, they are very strict and we were not allowed to talk with them or make pictures with them. (I also don’t need that, I have a boyfriend ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

And then yes, after a full day where we were quite tired when we arrived at dinner time we got to hear that we had another rehearsal planned until 22 o’clock! Busy days… But atleast you can’t say we don’t experience anything. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here you can see another compilation video of Miss Supranational of us watching the ice hockey game (unfortunately you don’t see me again a lot in the video…):

Watching an ice hockey game

24177056_938429862985935_4436139715554141349_nGoing shopping with the girls, respectively (from left to right) Miss Thailand, Miss Myanmar, Miss Singapore and Miss El Salvador.

23845611_1509383545835372_4941795418284400951_oMiss Spain, Miss El Salvador and me at the ice hockey game!

25520168_946406798854908_364117063_nMe and Miss China.

Small video to show how it looked like. ๐Ÿ˜‰


24130545_1509389522501441_947515275698953245_oJust a picture in group outside.


It is not the most flattering pictures I posted in this blogpost, but better to show some images than not! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Miss Supranational: Long days of rehearsals (DAY 7,8,9)

The video recording part was done, the official photoshooting was done and the first preliminary was also done so now it was time to prepare for the final show by learning the choreography! Since I participated in Miss Belgium I discovered I love to dance. I am not a supertalent but I think I can find my way quite okay.

We first got to learn all the dances and I tried to do my best as much as I could. I know it is important to do your best at rehearsals since there they chose your place at the show and ofcourse I would love to dance in the front instead of all the way in the back! Luckily the dance teachers recognized my dancing capacities and put me in the best group of dancing. Then eventually I got a place in first row, not in the center but at the sides but I was still quite pleased with the result.

The rehearsal days were extremely long. We had rehearsals from 9.30 until 22 o’clock. I didn’t experience rehearsals that were this long (it was a little too much). I mean I don’t know about the others but I just got the dances quite quickly into my head so I preferred to skip a rehearsal day or an evening of rehearsals to do something else but schedule is schedule. :p I enjoyed it anyway.


Here is a video of our rehearsal days:

Dance rehearsals video


23846018_1950157618333826_5690978938837374662_oGroup picture of all the girls together in our gym outfits (was also the only day everyone was wearing gym clothes :p)


At the rehearsals…

Check out my videos on Youtube!