About me


The name of my blog ‘The World of Kim’ already suggests what this blog is all about. It is a blog dedicated to all my adventures as a medical student and beyond that and of course my fashion style.

Let me talk a little more about myself. My name is Kim Detollenaere and I come from Belgium.
My daily life is mostly filled with being an intern in the hospital, since I will hopefully be a medical doctor next year.




Next to that, I have been crowned as Miss Supranational Belgium in 2017. That means I got to compete in the television show Miss Supranational in Poland that got aired worldwide.
This blog all started with me writing about that adventure and if you are interested in how I experienced all that, you can just click on ‘Miss Supranational 2017’ in the menu.




However, I left the whole pageant scene behind me and started focusing on developing my own blog even more.
I remember when I was 12 years old I dreamt of having my own fashion blog but I was way too young and just didn’t know where to start.
Many years later I woke up in the morning and remembered one of my big ambitions and goals as a teenager: having my own (fashion) blog.
My life was so filled with studying that I totally forgot about my other passions in life!
That moment I decided to follow and pursue my teenagers dream and to start my own personal blog. If you don’t do it now, when will you?




I use this blog as a way to fully express myself and my personality. I am known as the one that is always too dressed up and would prefer to wear skirts, dresses and heels everyday than sneakers and some jeans. I am also the one that will go study in the library with a full face of make up just because I enjoy it. 😉
However I always felt like I couldn’t show this side of my personality completely in the outside world without being judged and that is why I created a world online for myself… A world where I can be completely myself: The World of Kim. <3

I hope I can give you all some inspiration for your own closet and your own outfits and that you will enjoy my posts about my adventures. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram:  www.instagram.com/kimdetollenaere (100k)