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A Quick Look Through My Hometown with Some Winter Looks



Today I will show you some winter looks while giving a little look through my hometown Mechelen (For my international readers: I live in Belgium, which is a country in Western Europe).
It is the city where I was born and the city where I went to school from when I was 3 until I was 18 years old. I have quite some memories there and I still look back to this city with some nostalgia.
I think it is a beautiful Flemish city and while cities like Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp are visited the most, I still think Mechelen is certainly worth a visit.



Fashion blogger in Mechelen
The river ‘de Dijle’ floods through the city and you can walk right next to it, which is very nice. Also, I have been lately OBSESSING over this blue coat of Hallhuber. I think it looks oh so chic and sophisticated and it brings a little spring colour into my winter wardrobe!

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De river ‘De Dijle’ is flowing through the city and I think it’s lovely that you can walk next to the river in the city on the ‘Dijlepad’.

I remember the ‘vismarkt’ (correct English translation: the fish market) was always a place where I went for a drink in the evening or after school since there are tons of nice bars and cafés.



vismarkt Mechelen
The ‘vismarkt’ (fish market) of Mechelen is the place where I always went for a drink after school or in the evenings.



If you want to have some decent dinner or lunch, you have to go to the ‘Grote markt’ (English: the Grand Place). From there you can see the famous St. Rombouts tower, which is a church that was never finished. That is why it has that little weird structure.



Mechelen Grote Markt
A view of the Grand Place (Grote Markt) in Mechelen.  You can see the Saint Rumbold’s (Sint-Rombouts) Cathedral at the back. It has a different look than your average church, no?
blogger in restaurant in Mechelen
There are a lot of restaurants at the Grand Place (Grote markt) in Mechelen. When I plan to get some dinner or a good lunch, I will always find a restaurant here. And look what I’ve gotten there, one of my favourite dishes: shrimp croquettes! :p My hair looks like a mess after shooting all these outfit pictures in the wind, haha.



Now that it is winter, it is not so nice to walk around too long outside because it is so freezing cold. I can tell you, making these pictures was really hard, haha.
I was sooo cold.



blogger in Grote Markt in Mechelen

Winter outfit skirt with over the knee boots
At the Grand Place (Grote Markt) of Mechelen in this cute grey/pink outfit  and my favourite over the knee boots.

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That is why I needed some time inside and what is a better way to heat up than with going to a wellness?
I got the opportunity to try the wellness of the hotel Mercure Vé at the Vismarkt. You can reserve it all for yourself and your +1 (or some friends or family) and it’s a good way to leave the cold weather in winter behind and have some relaxing time.



Mercure Ve spa en wellness

bikini model pool
Just trying to look sexy while coming out of the water. Did I succeed? :p


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Honestly, there are so many places I could tell you about. However, I just wanted to give you a very quick overview of how my city looks like and not a detailled touristic guide. 😉 If requested, I can always try to make one ofcourse, so let me know!



pink pumps and white sweater outfit

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Family trip to the Belgian Ardennes (SPOILER: first non stylish outfit picture)



Last weekend I went with my family to the Belgian Ardennes. After extremely busy months combining blogging and university, I didn’t find a lot of time to spend time with my family so it was good to catch up with that.



Hills Ardennes Belgium
The beautiful nature of the Belgian Ardennes.

Belgian Ardennes trees and river




It is a little bit of a yearly tradition to go for a weekend to the Belgian ardennes. My dad really likes that region in Belgium since he likes beautiful nature to walk in.
Since my following is quite international, I think there is a small chance that you might know a lot about my country Belgium and the region of the Ardennes.



Here you can read a small summary:


‘The Ardennes, situated in the south-east of Belgium, are one of nature’s unspoilt areas, rich in fauna and flora, with vast forests of broadleaf and fir, hills and fast flowing rivers. Visitors can wander through the many picturesque villages nestling in the valleys where traditions and folklore still live on, and where the region’s arts and crafts can be enjoyed.

Springtime in the Ardennes is the season for walking, cycling, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Horse riding, climbing and mountain biking are other examples of popular sports in the Ardennes. The keen mountaineer has an exciting choice of challenges. In Winter, the Ardennes are a fun paradise for downhill and cross country skiers, or perhaps you prefer tobogganing and snow scooter racing. There is action, even underground. Some of the caves are certainly worth a visit.’

-Source: http://www.belgium.be-



Now you know why we like that region so much, especially if you like a little bit of adventure. I am not really the adventurous type in that way but I can appreciate it from time to time.



Pink sweater dress with pink ribbon and over the knee socks
Me at the window of my hotel room. The goal was actually to make a picture that way so that you could see the amazing view but that just didn’t work out well, haha. The only thing I see is the border of the terrace. 😉 Anyway, this pink oversized sweater dress of http://www.tobi.com (sorry, I couldn’t link the exact same one down below :/) is insanely cute especially combined with these over the knee socks of H&M! I am all about things over the knee lately, I guess. Oh, and ribbons in the hair will be so trending in 2019! Why not support the breast cancer organization by wearing a pink ribbon in the hair?


view belgian ardennes
Look at this beautiful view from the hotel room! It’s good to be surrounded by nature sometimes, it puts your mind to rest which is needed in this stressy life, haha. :p


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Anyway, we always go to different cities but this time we stayed at the lovely hotel of ‘Claire Fontaine’* in La Roche. It wasn’t the first time that we stayed there because we just really love this place and they have such great food. It’s not located in the city centre of La Roche but that just makes it a lot better because it’s surrounded by nature and it has a very beautiful view from the hotel room.




pink sweater outfit with white hat

Belgian Ardennes outfit


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The first day we did a walk in the surroundings of La Roche where it’s a little hilly so that was quite exhausting. Especially for a person like me that never does any exercise at all (but that will change since I just started a fitness subscription but later more about that!).
It was good to be outside for once since I am normally that type of person that stays inside all day either studying or working on my social media/blog. Oh, and there is not a lot of wifi in places like these, so that was also refreshing even though I have to admit I wouldn’t be able to live without wifi for too long. :p



over the knee boots and sweater dress outfit


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The next day we drove an hour to go to the High Fens (Dutch: de Hoge Venen/ French: Les Hautes Fagnes). It’s a nature park at the highest point of Belgium.
We hoped to get some snow there instead of the rain we got because I think we can all agree we like snow more than rain. :p Unfortunately most of the walk was in the rain but then we got lucky at the end of the day we got a little snow.



Look at this cute small Michelin woman! I was wearing the rain jacket of my dad because it was so freezing cold and I was wearing my teddy coat (look at the pictures below), which was just way too cold and not resistant to rain -do you think someone like me has these kind of adventurous clothing in her closet, honestly?-.  I look so mini, but that’s because it’s shot from a way too high angle, haha. :p Anyway, it shouldn’t look all that perfect all the time, right?



I used to go to that region a lot to go cross country skiing (you know instead of downhill skiing you walk in the snow) and I really like that region just because it has a little that cozy ski atmosphere with it just like in Austria for example. Or at least it’s a little like that.



sneeuw in de Hoge Venen België
And then the rain changed into snow… 🙂

teddy coat outfit in the snow

teddy coat outfit in the snow


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Anyway, this was my weekend in short. It was good to go for a trip to clear my head after the exam period. Also because I am not planning to relax in the holiday that I have, I am working hard now on the development of my online shop.
That’s the reason why I don’t have any real holiday planned for the coming 2 months -because I normally ALWAYS go on a holiday after the exam period- but now I am just too busy working on my projects.
I am so excited to launch my online store but there’s a lot of work to do before I have everything like I want it. I am also very busy with the new spring collection and my own  line of dresses.
Oh, and I finally decided the name of my online shop! You can BOOKMARK this link already in your browser: http://www.eubella.com. 😀
The launch won’t be for tomorrow or anything but I am excited for it to be there, are you?

However, I don’t exclude the chance of going on a holiday before summer at all. We will see what my last minute plans will be, maybe a trip for Easter would be nice!
I’ll keep you updated!


Thanks for reading this post through the end!






*We paid for the hotel and I was in no means sponsored to mention the hotel in this post. I just really recommend this hotel because the hotel staff is very sweet and we enjoyed our stay.

Miss Supranational: final rehearsals on the real BIG stage (DAY 14, 15 + 16)

DAY 14:

Rehearsal from 9.30 to 22 o’clock

DAY 15:

We had been in Slovakia for the entire Miss Supranational adventure, now it was time to leave the country and go to Poland where the final show would take place. It was the moment we all had been waiting for and the ride was quite though.
Personally, I didn’t think it would be so hectic. I never have experienced such an international pageant and I thought 2,5-3 weeks would be enough to do all the things that has to be done in a pageant but for some reason it was really busy. I had an average amount of sleep of 6 hours and I was not used to that. Even not in exam period. 😉 But you know, apparently that is just how it is with pageants. Most girls also got up atleast 2 hours before breakfast. Yes, 2 hours… Some even 3 hours! It might seem a little crazy for some people but that is just how it is.. It stays a beauty contest and then also one of the biggest in the world so looking your best takes some time. That might also be the reason why we were lacking sleep. 😉 (but for your information: it is not a routine that is done in normal life, haha, wouldn’t be able to keep up with that!)

In the morning I did a quick photoshoot with the photographer of Miss Supranational Milton Mieloch. I really love the results… I think I want to get more photoshoots done, so keep following my blog to see more pictures of me, it won’t be the last one. 😉


Wooow, I really like the work of this talented photographer! Thanks to Milton. It looks so classy… Which picture do you like the most? 

After that we had to check out of the hotel. The hotel we stayed in was really lovely and luxury right in the middle of a ski resort in the middle of the mountains filled with snow. It was a good hotel, the only thing that was a little special was that we had to pay for our towels. You know, if we made a spot on a towel or even our sheets, then we immediately had to pay the full amount of that towel or these sheets. So ofcourse almost everyone had spots because of make up or self tanner and in the end we all got a very big bill. Some even had a bill of 180 euros! 😮
I really find it a little crazy a hotel fines you for making spots on towels. Isn’t that what towels are used for, to get dirty? Or like, okay, also me I had some spots of make up on a towel so I had to pay for a few but then when I got home and washed that towel myself, it was all clean again.
So I don’t know if that is anywhere near normal for a hotel to do, but I thought that was really not the best service… I mean the first week all the girls together already had a bill of 2000 euros on sheets and towels. :p Weird…

So after checking out of the hotel and saying goodbye to the beautiful Slovakia, we got into the bus to drive to Poland for rehearsing on the big stage and the show itself. I think it was around 17 o’clock when we arrived after a 3-4 hour busdrive.
We didn’t eat, we didn’t change, we didn’t put our luggage in the hotel, no, we went straight to the place with the big stage and rehearsed there immediately. There was no time to lose. So we rehearsed until 22 o’clock and then after that we finally had dinner. Although, it was very tiring, I still really loved to do rehearsals. When we rehearsed the walking part in evening gown for top 25 and top 10, I really enjoyed it.
It was a very big stage we rehearsed on and later did the show on, it was the biggest stage I have ever seen. No wonders Miss Supranational is so loved because of their production. It is so well made and big!
I really love to be on a stage, but unfortunately it is not something I can do for daily life as a medicine student. :p
Oh and unfortunately I didn’t make it to top 25 and top 10 so I couldn’t do it eventually, so uhm that was a little bit of a bummer… But yeah, it is just how it is. I had a great time! (okay, I already tell to much about the show, for a detailled report please visiting my blog for a new blogpost about the last day).

DAY 16:

LAST rehearsal day on the big stage. There is actually not a lot to say here, haha. :p Just rehearsing all the time…

Here are a few pictures of the rehearsals on the stage (I didn’t find a picture I was in but it gives you a sort of image):



Miss Supranational: pyjama’s party, trip to the mountains and another live chat! (DAY 11 + 12)

DAY 11:

We got another rehearsal day… Another rehearsal day from 9.30 until 22 o’clock, but the evening part got a little different this time. Normally we either rehearsed in gym clothes or even in fine cocktail clothes since it is an international pageant for something, but this time we all wore our most cute pyjama’s to rehearse in the evening. After that we had a sort of pyjama party, we had lots of fun (And made me sort of realize I should invest in a prettier pyjama :p)!

DAY 12:

It is always fun to do something else than rehearsing and that is why it was fun to have a trip to the mountains with all contestants together! I have to admit it was not so special for me to go to a mountain since I am used to going on skiing holiday since I was very very young but it was still fun. We took a cable lift and then got up to the top of the mountain where it was freeeeeezing cold (like minus 12 degrees Celcius). There we made a few pictures with our national flags included. 😉 It might not seem very spectacular to go to a mountain but for some people of certain countries it was quite special to see since some people never had seen snow before. 😉

In the evening I had a live chat again, you know the one that we got extra because our first recording wasn’t good enough. 😉 This time no make up and hairdressers which I don’t like since I tend to fail in it, haha. :p But this time I was already used to being live in front of a camera so I think I really succeeded big time! We also had some time to prepare our questions in advance which made a big difference in the quality of my answer and I think I really brought a good message to people.

You can rewatch the live chat here:

Live chat DAY 12

You can also watch a compilation of our cozy pyjama party:

Pyjama party video

24129704_1952932298056358_424911204210883409_nkimmetjexx24059450_1952932198056368_3200322541254333466_o23926646_1952935004722754_2167368608875246540_o23926536_1952932404723014_1379069136319905969_oA few pictures of our trip to the mountains with all the flags. It was so much fun!


23915776_1952347191448202_3933427048190740556_n24058757_1952348778114710_5068278118907515205_n23846018_1950157618333826_5690978938837374662_o23916325_1952349914781263_6703066140639716447_o23847524_1952349838114604_9214863092933660547_oSo cosy with all our pyjama’s on! 😉


Miss Supranational: Evening gown preliminary (DAY 6)

I waited long for this: the evening gown preliminary. For people who don’t know a lot about pageants: preliminaries is actually one of the most important parts of judging. The top 25 isn’t based on what the contestants do at the actual show but it is all premade the days before the actual show so that they know the top in advance (I actually also think top 10 and top 5 gets roughly made here but I can be wrong).

So as you might already guess, this part is suuuper important since it decides almost everything. The final top 25 gets selected by the jury by 3 preliminaries where we get graded: preliminary evening gown, preliminary swimsuit and preliminary interview. The evening gown part was the first one. I had a very special dress of Atelier Exc that was also worn by Stephanie Geldhof at Miss Universe this year in february. It doesn’t surprise you that I was very excited to be able to wear a gown like that. It was eye catching and certainly very different and special than the other contestants. I HAD to make an outstanding impression with this gown! But okay, first things first.

In the day we first had a sort of rehearsal where we learned where we had to walk, where we had to stop,… etc. Walking in evening gown is the part I enjoy the most about pageants! People sometimes wonder why I am so in love with pageantry since they often associate it with people that are not the brightest and that are purely superficial. Unfortunately these people just think these things because they don’t actually know what pageantry is also about… The reason why I love it is not because you get graded on your looks or because they chose ‘the most beautiful’ girl (since I have to agree that part is actually waaaay too superficial for me) but just because I love the dressing up part and being able to wear an evening gown that you can never ever wear in normal life and that you can walk on a catwalk and dance,.. It is just my thing!

0111Rehearsal for preliminary competition: They told us where to walk and stop exactly for our walk in evening gown for the live show of preliminary evening gown. This is Miss Australia (my second roommate!).0611We had to wait a lot during the rehearsal but we made it fun anyway except for Miss China it seems. 😉

After a long preparation time to make myself ready and having problems with applying the right make up (I really need to get make up classes, can’t do it as flawless as the others!) , the moment was there. It was also quite stressful since it was aired again LIVE and thousands of people would be watching it, perhaps putting positive or negative comments on your part. So you know, you just want to do it right and I am a perfectionist: it has to be good!
Unfortunately not everything can go as perfect as you want: Stephanie Geldhof, the girl that participated in Miss Universe last year, was a little skinnier than me so the dress was insanely tight! It was very uncomfortable and I felt like my boobs couldn’t get covered completely. Also at the area of my thighs it was way too tight so it was uncomfortable to walk. I should have known this before, but regret always comes too late. 😉 So when I was actually walking I might not have done it entirely perfect because you know you have to be confident in what you wear.

In the end, I think I could have chosen the gown better  and could also have walked better. But regret comes always too late, whatever…. :p

PS: people that are interested to rewatch the preliminary evening gown competition, you are just a little googling away.

24862581_940541412774780_5719515863340418885_nMe in my evening gown for the preliminary evening gown.

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