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5 Early Spring Jackets & Looks

My most favorite season arrived: spring! Winter is finally over (thank God!), these cold days and evenings, winter hats and winter jackets will be gone. The temperatures will slowly start to rise and the animals go out of their winter sleep.

What I find so beautiful about spring is the thing that everything comes to life: the trees grow their spring blossoms as a signal that they are growing again, the animals start making new life and the sun starts to shine more and more.

Oh but wait, this is a fashion blog and not a biology blog, isn’t it?
I forgot to say that I really really really am happy that these winter clothing can finally be stuffed in these boxes under my bed again.
In general, I always think it is a lot harder to make some cute looks when it is freezing outside.
That is also the reason why I always shoot a little colder outfits in winter, just because a big winter jacket and jeans is not really my definition of a cute outfit. Shooting in crazy cold winter temperatures is also a serious nightmare!
Also, my most favorite seasons for fashion are spring/summer. I just can’t hide the fact that I am obsessed with cute little summer dresses (preferably with a lace or floral detail).

Anyway, since wearing summer dresses alone in early spring won’t really be possible where I live (of course the weather can take extreme turns but in general it won’t be possible!), I will show you some nice spring jackets to wear instead.




  1. The Jean Jacket




This pic shows that also bloggers can have a little belly while sitting down. :p I chose to not photoshop this pic though (but shh… It was also that time of the month).



Oooh, the jean jacket. An ultimate classic under the spring jackets (because no, this trend won’t go away) and it’s ideal if you like more casual looks. You can never do something wrong with a jean jacket I think, I even did a blogpost last year about it. You can read it here. (You will probably notice that my blogposts have improved, haha)






Personally I don’t like it when people pair jeans with jeans, I just don’t think it makes the outfit look balanced but that is my opinion. I love to pair my jean jackets with a cute romper, a dress or even a skirt!






By the way, I am completely obsessed with hairbands nowadays. I already bought 7 different hairbands for spring and summer because I think it gives every basic look a cute touch! And maybe it might distract from having a bad hair day, haha.









2. The Trenchcoat


Another classic for spring and it can look oh so sophisticated and chic if well combined.


Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (3)

trench coat spring outfit

trench coat spring outfit






3. Pink Waterfall (Trench) Coat


If you have followed me a little longer, you probably know my favorite colour is pink. In general, I love to wear soft pastel colors in spring: think in terms of light blue, light pink and white.

I have to admit that this coat is very long and normally I don’t like long coats with my petite frame but with some heels under it and a little dress, it looks more in balance. Something different to try, what do you think?



Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)

waterfall trench coat spring

waterfall trench coat spring






4. Tweed Chanel Look-a-like Jacket


Normally for spring I would take a little lighter colour but my eyes fell on this model and I couldn’t resist!
I do think that a tweed jacket will always be a classic and since it makes people think of Chanel, you can be sure it will look chic and sophisticated! I love to pair it with a tweed skirt in the same colour/pattern so that it matches together.



Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (1)

chanel tweed set

chanel lookalike look




5. Blazer


A blazer is a must-have! I think I already had a black, dark blue and beige one in my closet but I thought it was time for something new. Yes, again, a pink one is something I needed to have. This pink colour radiates some spring vibes and it is also being sold on www.eubella.com!



Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)





A Quick Look Through My Hometown with Some Winter Looks



Today I will show you some winter looks while giving a little look through my hometown Mechelen (For my international readers: I live in Belgium, which is a country in Western Europe).
It is the city where I was born and the city where I went to school from when I was 3 until I was 18 years old. I have quite some memories there and I still look back to this city with some nostalgia.
I think it is a beautiful Flemish city and while cities like Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp are visited the most, I still think Mechelen is certainly worth a visit.



Fashion blogger in Mechelen
The river ‘de Dijle’ floods through the city and you can walk right next to it, which is very nice. Also, I have been lately OBSESSING over this blue coat of Hallhuber. I think it looks oh so chic and sophisticated and it brings a little spring colour into my winter wardrobe!

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De river ‘De Dijle’ is flowing through the city and I think it’s lovely that you can walk next to the river in the city on the ‘Dijlepad’.

I remember the ‘vismarkt’ (correct English translation: the fish market) was always a place where I went for a drink in the evening or after school since there are tons of nice bars and cafés.



vismarkt Mechelen
The ‘vismarkt’ (fish market) of Mechelen is the place where I always went for a drink after school or in the evenings.



If you want to have some decent dinner or lunch, you have to go to the ‘Grote markt’ (English: the Grand Place). From there you can see the famous St. Rombouts tower, which is a church that was never finished. That is why it has that little weird structure.



Mechelen Grote Markt
A view of the Grand Place (Grote Markt) in Mechelen.  You can see the Saint Rumbold’s (Sint-Rombouts) Cathedral at the back. It has a different look than your average church, no?
blogger in restaurant in Mechelen
There are a lot of restaurants at the Grand Place (Grote markt) in Mechelen. When I plan to get some dinner or a good lunch, I will always find a restaurant here. And look what I’ve gotten there, one of my favourite dishes: shrimp croquettes! :p My hair looks like a mess after shooting all these outfit pictures in the wind, haha.



Now that it is winter, it is not so nice to walk around too long outside because it is so freezing cold. I can tell you, making these pictures was really hard, haha.
I was sooo cold.



blogger in Grote Markt in Mechelen

Winter outfit skirt with over the knee boots
At the Grand Place (Grote Markt) of Mechelen in this cute grey/pink outfit  and my favourite over the knee boots.

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That is why I needed some time inside and what is a better way to heat up than with going to a wellness?
I got the opportunity to try the wellness of the hotel Mercure Vé at the Vismarkt. You can reserve it all for yourself and your +1 (or some friends or family) and it’s a good way to leave the cold weather in winter behind and have some relaxing time.



Mercure Ve spa en wellness

bikini model pool
Just trying to look sexy while coming out of the water. Did I succeed? :p


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Honestly, there are so many places I could tell you about. However, I just wanted to give you a very quick overview of how my city looks like and not a detailled touristic guide. 😉 If requested, I can always try to make one ofcourse, so let me know!



pink pumps and white sweater outfit

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Family trip to the Belgian Ardennes (SPOILER: first non stylish outfit picture)



Last weekend I went with my family to the Belgian Ardennes. After extremely busy months combining blogging and university, I didn’t find a lot of time to spend time with my family so it was good to catch up with that.



Hills Ardennes Belgium
The beautiful nature of the Belgian Ardennes.

Belgian Ardennes trees and river




It is a little bit of a yearly tradition to go for a weekend to the Belgian ardennes. My dad really likes that region in Belgium since he likes beautiful nature to walk in.
Since my following is quite international, I think there is a small chance that you might know a lot about my country Belgium and the region of the Ardennes.



Here you can read a small summary:


‘The Ardennes, situated in the south-east of Belgium, are one of nature’s unspoilt areas, rich in fauna and flora, with vast forests of broadleaf and fir, hills and fast flowing rivers. Visitors can wander through the many picturesque villages nestling in the valleys where traditions and folklore still live on, and where the region’s arts and crafts can be enjoyed.

Springtime in the Ardennes is the season for walking, cycling, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Horse riding, climbing and mountain biking are other examples of popular sports in the Ardennes. The keen mountaineer has an exciting choice of challenges. In Winter, the Ardennes are a fun paradise for downhill and cross country skiers, or perhaps you prefer tobogganing and snow scooter racing. There is action, even underground. Some of the caves are certainly worth a visit.’

-Source: http://www.belgium.be-



Now you know why we like that region so much, especially if you like a little bit of adventure. I am not really the adventurous type in that way but I can appreciate it from time to time.



Pink sweater dress with pink ribbon and over the knee socks
Me at the window of my hotel room. The goal was actually to make a picture that way so that you could see the amazing view but that just didn’t work out well, haha. The only thing I see is the border of the terrace. 😉 Anyway, this pink oversized sweater dress of http://www.tobi.com (sorry, I couldn’t link the exact same one down below :/) is insanely cute especially combined with these over the knee socks of H&M! I am all about things over the knee lately, I guess. Oh, and ribbons in the hair will be so trending in 2019! Why not support the breast cancer organization by wearing a pink ribbon in the hair?


view belgian ardennes
Look at this beautiful view from the hotel room! It’s good to be surrounded by nature sometimes, it puts your mind to rest which is needed in this stressy life, haha. :p





Anyway, we always go to different cities but this time we stayed at the lovely hotel of ‘Claire Fontaine’* in La Roche. It wasn’t the first time that we stayed there because we just really love this place and they have such great food. It’s not located in the city centre of La Roche but that just makes it a lot better because it’s surrounded by nature and it has a very beautiful view from the hotel room.




pink sweater outfit with white hat

Belgian Ardennes outfit




The first day we did a walk in the surroundings of La Roche where it’s a little hilly so that was quite exhausting. Especially for a person like me that never does any exercise at all (but that will change since I just started a fitness subscription but later more about that!).
It was good to be outside for once since I am normally that type of person that stays inside all day either studying or working on my social media/blog. Oh, and there is not a lot of wifi in places like these, so that was also refreshing even though I have to admit I wouldn’t be able to live without wifi for too long. :p



over the knee boots and sweater dress outfit




The next day we drove an hour to go to the High Fens (Dutch: de Hoge Venen/ French: Les Hautes Fagnes). It’s a nature park at the highest point of Belgium.
We hoped to get some snow there instead of the rain we got because I think we can all agree we like snow more than rain. :p Unfortunately most of the walk was in the rain but then we got lucky at the end of the day we got a little snow.



Look at this cute small Michelin woman! I was wearing the rain jacket of my dad because it was so freezing cold and I was wearing my teddy coat (look at the pictures below), which was just way too cold and not resistant to rain -do you think someone like me has these kind of adventurous clothing in her closet, honestly?-.  I look so mini, but that’s because it’s shot from a way too high angle, haha. :p Anyway, it shouldn’t look all that perfect all the time, right?



I used to go to that region a lot to go cross country skiing (you know instead of downhill skiing you walk in the snow) and I really like that region just because it has a little that cozy ski atmosphere with it just like in Austria for example. Or at least it’s a little like that.



sneeuw in de Hoge Venen België
And then the rain changed into snow… 🙂

teddy coat outfit in the snow

teddy coat outfit in the snow




Anyway, this was my weekend in short. It was good to go for a trip to clear my head after the exam period. Also because I am not planning to relax in the holiday that I have, I am working hard now on the development of my online shop.
That’s the reason why I don’t have any real holiday planned for the coming 2 months -because I normally ALWAYS go on a holiday after the exam period- but now I am just too busy working on my projects.
I am so excited to launch my online store but there’s a lot of work to do before I have everything like I want it. I am also very busy with the new spring collection and my own  line of dresses.
Oh, and I finally decided the name of my online shop! You can BOOKMARK this link already in your browser: http://www.eubella.com. 😀
The launch won’t be for tomorrow or anything but I am excited for it to be there, are you?

However, I don’t exclude the chance of going on a holiday before summer at all. We will see what my last minute plans will be, maybe a trip for Easter would be nice!
I’ll keep you updated!


Thanks for reading this post through the end!






*We paid for the hotel and I was in no means sponsored to mention the hotel in this post. I just really recommend this hotel because the hotel staff is very sweet and we enjoyed our stay.

My holiday in Hungary (looks + mini guide) : part 2

(If you want to read part 1 of my holiday in Hungary click here)


When I was in Hungary, I of course needed to visit the Capital city Budapest since that is the biggest hotspot of the country!
Keszthely is another city I visited, however a lot smaller than Budapest of course.






The castle of Budapest. It is really impressive, isn’t it? I couldn’t take such a beautiful picture like that so I took it from the internet :p (source: https://www.planetware.com/budapest/castle-hill-h-ps-ch.htm)



We went one day to Budapest by car since it only takes 1,5 hours to reach the central heart of the capital city. I already had visited the city once before, but I thought it wasn’t a bad idea to go again.

It was quite a short trip and if you would like to visit Budapest, I would advise you to go for atleast 2-3 days. That way you can see the most touristic attractions and you can take it a little more easy. 😉

On one day, we have managed to visit the castle, the parliament, the Heroes’ square and the chain bridge.

OH AND BIG TIP: If you go with your partner, it is really romantic to do a boat trip on the Donau river. I have done that 2 years ago and it was really worth it, especially when it is evening and when it’s dark.



striped shorts and crop top

striped shorts and crop top
Me right before we climbed up to the castle. You can see a little bit of Donau behind me.

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Budapest castle blogger

Budapest castle blogger
Walking down the stairs of the Budapest Castle…


Budapest chain bridge blogger

Budapest Chain Bridge blogger
In front of the Chain Bridge.


Budapest Castle blogger

view Budapest
Some nice views I have taken a picture of while I was in Budapest.
heroes square budapest
A picture of the famous Heroes’ Square in Budapest. Picture again not taken by me (I don’t think I am that good of a photographer anyway :p). Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:HUN-2015-Budapest-Heroes%E2%80%99_Square.jpg





The beautiful castle in Keszthely is certainly worth a visit. It is surrounded by a beautiful park where you can have a cozy walk in the afternoon. Source: https://doctorcontour.com/2018/09/14/holiday-hungary-part-1/



Keszthely is not as big of a city as Budapest and certainly not as known but it still is a very beautiful small city close to the holiday house.

It is the most known because of the big beautiful castle and the castle park. The city has an overall cosy atmosphere and looks typically Hungarian.




This was an ideal place to make some good pictures for my outfit posts so here you can see the result:



One of my favourite more ‘casual’ outfits: this striped top of Mango is one of my faves!


Shop this look:





These pictures were all shooted in the beautiful castle park. First I was a little in doubt with the fitting of this white maxi dress but after all I think the pictures turned out superb! This white maxi dress is ideal to give a little soft romantic look to your casual summer evenings…


Shop this look:



YES, I got some beautiful flowers! I personally prefer bright pink flowers over red ones because you know, what girly girl doesn’t love the colour pink? I bought this dress long time ago before I went to Miss Supranational 2017 in Poland and I really think this dress is ideal for date night!


Shop this look:


My holiday in Hungary (looks + mini guide) : part 1


Before the academic year starts again, I decided to go on my last summer holiday of the year.
It was quite an easy choice to choose the destination since my family has a nice holiday house in Hungary with a beautiful view over the famous big lake of Balaton.



The house has such a beautiful view over the Balaton lake. It is located on the top of a small mountain and it is wonderful to wake up like that everyday!



The house is located in the cozy city of Vonyarcvashegy -can you pronounce that?- at the top of a mountain where it is very calm and quiet. It is a good place to plan a holiday where you want to come to rest and calm down, far from the stressful work/study environment.




Me at the terrace of the house in Hungary. What do you think of the latest leopard print trend?


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Just a cute look I wore that I wanted to show you… 😉

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Ofcourse there are also a lot of nice things to do: you can visit the wellness city of Héviz, the beautiful castle of Keszthely or the beach of Lake Balaton.
Not to forget to mention, you are a 1,5 hours drive away from the main touristic hotspot of Hungary which is the capital city Budapest!




The wellness city of Heviz


Heviz is a city close to the house and is known as the wellness city of the region. It is mostly known for the ‘Lake Heviz’ which is Europe’s biggest thermal lake.

Me and my boyfriend spent one day at the beautiful 5 stars hotel Lotus Therme to get a complete cure. Next to the typical wellness facilities like different kinds of saunas, a jacuzzi, massages and a pool, they also had a salt cave and a pool with thermal water.

Ofcourse I needed to try these things out since that was quite special.
I really liked the salt cave. It looked very beautiful inside with coloured lighting and walls of salt. It is believed that the salty air would be very good for your lungs and you feel sooo relaxed after a session.


A small part of the salt cave. You see they really made it look like a cave and the walls are full of salt! There is a lot of coloured lighting too which makes it look very beautiful in its whole.
I was just admiring the salt cave, I guess?
Or yeah… Eventually it got so relaxing I decided to sleep! 😉


They also had a pool with thermal water of the lake of Heviz. That way you didn’t really need to go to the lake itself to benefit of the healing effects of the water.

Next to that, they also have a beauty salon, a hairdresser and a lot of medical spa treatments for people who need it. I could really have stayed there several days, even though I already felt reborn after one day cure!

Oh and by the way, the food was really delicious and ofcourse very healthy which suits the theme perfectly.



Some extra pictures shot in the hotel (and some extra outfits to show):




In front of the hotel Lotus Therme.



Definitely cutest swimsuit I have worn this summer! I always like the combo cute + sexy. Unfortunately it was a little hard to make a picture of the hotel from above but the building and swimming pool is made that way that it looks like the Mercedes sign. How cool is that?


Shop this look:






I don’t know why I failed this shooting, haha.





2. Balaton lake + beach


I think everyone has heard of the Balaton lake and if not, you probably have heard of the Balaton sound festival. :p
Unfortunately, I had to skip this lovely festival this year since I couldn’t be there in July but atleast I could lay a little at the beach around the Balaton lake.

It is not really a beach in the way we know it since there is no sand and no sea. Instead, there is grass and a big lake. However, it also has its benefits since sand can be quite sticky, right?

The Balaton lake is a very big lake located in Hungary and all over the lake there are lots of beaches where people go to in summer to relax. Every year, tons of tourists go visit the beaches there and there is no doubt why.

An extra plus: having dinner or lunch at the Balaton lake is not pricy at all!



Around the Balaton lake there are several beautiful and cosy cities. One of them is Balatonfüred and it is very known for its harbour.



In front of the Balaton lake during sunset. Even though it was too hot to wear fall clothing, I tried to incorporate the leopard print in my bikini atleast. :p


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I really love this cute swimsuit look!


Shop this look:






Blue stripes all over! Oh and this little piece of sand was only a few square meters big, just saying. 😉


Shop this look:



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