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The polkadot pattern is insanely TRENDING this season and I totally love it!
Marc Jacobs said once: “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot” and I agree.
However, I think it is quite some years ago since this trend was really HOT. I remember I was quite obsessed with this trend when I was 12 (yes, I was already a fashion freak at that time :p) and I directly bought one polkadot dress, one pair of polkadot ballet flats and one polkadot blouse.
Unfortunately I don’t fit into the clothes of so long ago -but I wouldn’t wear the polkadot ballet flats again for sure-  but I think in general you should never throw away clothing just because it is not anymore in fashion.
Trends always come and go, so it is better to just leave your clothes all the way at the back of your closet until the trend is hot again (even if it takes another 10 years!).

In this blogpost I will show you 4 ways on how to wear the polkadot pattern in your outfits. I will show you how to wear the polkadot dress, how to wear the polkadot crop top and how to wear the polkadot thights.
Also, you shouldn’t forget polkadot swimwear is really the cutest, maybe an idea for your next summer holiday?


Click on the small pictures to make them bigger so that you can see more details!  





A simple red polkadot dress.
Red might be a little more risky than a black and white one but it certainly adds a little touch of rock ‘n roll. Also, red is one of the IT colours of the season!
What I also notice a lot more is the use of summer hats.
Is it because people tend to get more and more aware of the harmful effects of the sun on your skin in terms of skin cancer and the development of wrinkles? Atleast, I think it is a good thing to have!

Finishing of the outfit with some golden statement earrings and a basket bag and you’re ready to go.


Shop this look:








Like I said, the polkadot print in the colours black and white is a little more classic and ‘safe’ option and is definitely a better option for people that don’t like too loud prints. I personally love this crop top in black & white polkadot. The off the shoulder detail and the slightly showing belly gives definitely that little extra!
What I also like is the fact that the black shorts are not just plain shorts, it is more of a mix between a skirt and some shorts, which is called a skort. :p
Oh, and yesterday I bought these nude coloured sandal heels of Sam Edelman which is a total MUST to have in summer. I love nude colour for summer shoes since it elongates your legs (which I need a little with my shorter height) and it suits almost every outfit!




I combined the outfit with a basket bag which is very much trending for the moment. I have to admit when my boyfriend saw the bag his first reaction was: ‘This is really one of the most ugly bags I have ever seen…’ , but you know what does a guy know about fashion, right?
Oh, and don’t forget to wear some big statement earrings with it, because this season an outfit is just nothing without some big earrings hanging on your ears!


A basket bag and some big statement earrings is definitely something you should put on your to buy list this season.


And why not wear it with a summer hat when you want to protect your skin against the sun (or just because it looks stylish, yes… :p)?



This outfit can also look cute when worn with a summer hat on your hat, isn’t it? 


When it is a little colder, I think you can combine almost every outfit with a trenchcoat.
If you don’t know what spring jacket to buy, then you should definitely go for the trenchcoat. This type of jacket has been seen the most on the catwalks in Paris and is a classic that can be used every year.
I also think it gives a direct classy touch to almost every outfit.
You will never look trashy while wearing one, trust me. Also ideal for the chilly, rainy days or when you just want to run quickly to the supermarket while you’re wearing your pyjama’s (Not that I do that but you never know!).


The trenchcoat is the jacket you have to buy for this season. It is an ultimate classic, very classy and you can throw it over almost every outfit!


Earrings: Miss Selfridge
Trenchcoat: Esprit
Crop top: Topshop
Skort: Missguided
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Basket bag: Sweet Deluxe




I remember at the time when almost every girl was watching Gossip Girl, a lot of girls were totally into the preppy kind of fashion style.
That also included sometimes wearing skirts with polkadot thights.
However, I didn’t really combine this outfit in a totally preppy way (that shiny black skirt might be a little too edgy and the transparant detail of the shoes also doesn’t really fit into that theme), but I think it worked out fine!
It is definitely something else to try out on chilly days when you don’t want to wear you normal boring thights again and want to give a little extra to your outfit.


Here I combined it with a black skirt (with some shiny detail) and a black sweater AND with pointy toe pumps with a very subtle transparant detail.
If you want to buy new pumps, you should go for the typical 80’s look with the pointy toe.
What is also a major shoe trend is the transparant plastic shoe but a totally transparant shoe I find a little too special so I just chose for a small transparant detail. You can see it at the sides of the pumps if you look clearly.

Red is also one of the IT colours of the season so I thought it would make the black and beige outfit a little more interesting with a small red shoulder bag.
Then pairing everything with a trench (since you can wear everything with a trench!) and ready to go!


Trenchcoat: Esprit
Shoulderbag: Naf Naf
Black turtleneck sweater: Zara
Black skirt: Zara
Thights: Veritas

80’s pointy toe pumps: Steve Madden






Okay, this is not really an outfit but it is still an item that shouldn’t be missed.
Don’t you find it insanely cute to wear this nice polkadot pattern in your bikini or one piece swimsuit on the beach? I wore this cute little bikini at the beach on my holiday to Thailand.
It has an asymmetric shoulder which is also something to be on the look out for this season because asymmetric shoulder details are totally HOT.


Ofcourse, there are soooo many other ways to wear the polkadot trends but these were my combinations with the clothing I had.
I hope I could give you some inspiration for your next shopping trip and please let me know what you thought of it!
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Lots of love,

Kim <3



COMING UP NEXT: ruffles, checked pattern, plaid blazer, tweed skirt, the white suit, colour blocking with pink and red, pastels, (vintage) florals, lace, striped pattern and so much more!





Looks of the week/ BLACK leather & WHITE wool

It is insanely cold in Belgium for the moment. It feels like we are still far from spring weather, atleast that I have felt this weekend since me and my family went for a trip to the North of France.  I was packed in totally to not transform into an ice cube but unfortunately that outfit is not really worth to post since I just looked like I was going to the north pole. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, it was important to stay a little warm this week with some nice woolen sweaters, and these woolen sweaters are the red line throughout my blogpost.

I am very fond of this outfit with the black leather skirt. Leather is really in fashion right now and at first I thought that leather was not really something that fitted into my clothing style since it is a little harsh and has something edgy to it. However I managed to combine it in a way that suits my clothing style completely. The black leather is softened a little bit by the white woolen sweater and the light pink handbag. Oh, and these are new over the knee boots, what do you think?

leatherskirt2leather4 (1)

Leather skirt: SamsΓΈe & SamsΓΈe
Overknee boots: Topshop
Pink handbag: gotten as a gift
Sweater: Q/S

The next two outfits are quite basic so not so special but they fit completely into the theme of this blogpost, so I thought it was good to post them anyway. It was also important to stay a little warm so a cosy scarf and hat were needed. Oh, and they are ofcourse combined with my favourite overknee boots, it is all I wear lately!

wollentruimuts1 (1)witttetruienmuts2 (1)

Hat: Chillouts
Sweater: ZARA
Pants: Hollister
Shoes: Schutz


Sweater: J crew
Scarf: gotten as a gift

Next to that, I also have been to the hairdresser this week. Not for cutting my hair but to remove my hair extensions which I had in for a long time. So yes, unfortunately I have to admit I don’t have this long and full hair of myself.
Since my teenager years I have been struggling quite a lot with the fine and thin hair I have since I was never able to style my hair the way I wanted. I succeeded to grow out my hair until a good length but because it was so thin, I couldn’t do anything with it.
I quite fast found a way to solve the problem and that was hair extensions.
You hear a lot of bad stories about hair extensions, for instance that they damage your hair and that your hair will fall out. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell if my hair has gotten even thinner after wearing it or not, since you get so used to have extra hair put into your own hair that you don’t know how your own hair feels.
Is my hair really so thin or did it get even thinner?
Anyway, I will give my hair some rest for some time but then I will wear it more up than down.
I will show you some nice ways to wear you hair up when you don’t have long or thick hair in my next blogpost (but for the ones who have, it can still be useful!).

Oh, and if you have some questions for me, please comment down below. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by typing in your email address at the right column at the home page, that way you will always be updated when there is a new blogpost and don’t forget to give a like to my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kim-Detollenaere-1496785230342901/ .






Outfits, skincare and some updates about my life!

Another week is over and is passed. Unfortunately my holiday was over so university started again. I have to admit I took it a little slow the first week and didn’t really study a lot but hey, it is only the first week (and that short holiday we had was not a lot!).
If I am completely honest, I am planning to really get back on track and try to study a hell of a lot again because I realized Miss Supranational and studies of medicine wasn’t exactly the perfect combination…
Anyway, I still don’t regret the choices that I have made, although I am now a little bit in a dilemma if I actually also have the time for a blog. But I just love to write and be able to express myself and my personality so I hope that with a little bit good planning I will be able to combine the two with succes!

I actually planned to make a complete FASHION post about a lot of late winter outfits I have worn but unfortunately it is not always easy to have a photographer (read: boyfriend) all the time with you with a DSLR camera (and no, a phone is really not an option for a blog :p). Luckily I could make a few pictures of two outfits, but the next ones you will have to wait until next week. πŸ˜‰





First outfit is a typical outfit I would wear to university (even though I haven’t been a lot there last week because of some distance problems). It is nothing overdone but still very stylish and fashionable in my opinion. I am still in love with these overknee boots, I would wear them everyday! I prefer lighter colours over darker colours in outfits, I just think I look more flattering in lighter colours, if that makes sense? Oh and a striped sweater is really a classic item in every closet!

Sweater: Massimo Dutti
Bag: my all the time favourite Liu Jo
Jeans: Hollister co
Boots: Schutz
Scarf: bought in an accessoires shop I don’t know the brand of, oops…


This is a not so conventional outfit for me but I had this skirt (which might be a little small) already laying for 3 years in my closet and I wanted to make use of that. Next to that I also got inspired by some old Gossip Girl pictures with a checked skirt like this and I just tried a few combinations and I really like this! The golden statement necklace completes the outfit and gives it a more interesting look. And yes again, there are these overknee boots again. πŸ˜‰

Skirt: Topshop
Sweater: Zara 
All the other pieces already have been mentioned and the necklace I don’t remember.


I also had a photoshoot this saturday in the luxury boutique hotel ‘Le Chatelain’ close to Louiza in Brussels. I got to wear some gorgeous dresses of ‘Les Chateleines’ (not a coincidence, a very nice evening dresses shop/rental at a few hundred metres close to the hotel). There are some neighbourhoods and environments in Brussels that are really not cozy but the region ‘Kastelein’/’Chatelein’ is really one of my favourite places in Brussels!
I will make a blogpost in a few weeks about some hotspots in Brussels since I live in that city, so stay tuned for that. πŸ˜‰ Here a little sneakpeek of yesterday’s photoshooting (if you want to see more pics, I will redirect you to my IG @kimdetollenaere where I will post more):


Wooow! This gown is so beautiful, I felt like an absolute princess. Unfortunately you can’t wear these kind of dresses frequently. πŸ˜‰ 


Oh, and recently I got quite interested into skincare. I really realized how important it is to take good care of your skin especially since I always struggled with unclear skin. Like I said in a previous post: I am also going to make a few blogposts with video about my skincare routine and some tips, but that is also for later.
I already tried out a nice organic mud mask from Crystal Clean, a new American skincare brand. (online shop: www.crystalcleanskincare.com)

The mask contains bentonite clay and activated charcoal and removes dirt, oil, blackheads and other impurities from the skin. It is powder that you have to mix with a spoon of water and then you put it on your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. It really got hard quite fast but when I removed it with warm water, I felt like my skin was reborn. I would really suggest using such masks more often!




Me with the mud mask on, quite funny to see. The mask looks a little spotted but that is because certain parts already dried while others didn’t. πŸ˜‰ (the top I am wearing I got from Hollister)

And last but not least, I also booked a very very exciting holiday that will soon come. Already a good tip: I will be able to make some nice summer outfit posts about it. πŸ˜‰

Winter OOTD: Over-the-knee boots & high waist skirt

Honestly, I was a little doubting to implement fashion into my blog since although I get complimented quite a lot about my good taste in clothing, I wouldn’t really say my outfits are that special. Or at least not if I take a look at the average fashion blogger that wears these extraordinary clothing pieces I would never dare to wear. I will never buy a piece that looks extremely special, most of the time I just don’t like very special items with weird prints or fabric. I like to combine more ‘basic’ items and then combine them in a way that looks good. I would describe my style as very feminine and classy that is ALWAYS combined with shoes with some sort of heels (I just love the extra height it gives me!).Β  Also, if I could chose between an outfit with a dress/skirt or with pants/shorts, I will always go for the first. Oh, and I am really that type of girl that loved watching Gossip Girl just for the lovely, preppy outfits of the show (even though I have to do it with a smaller budget than the women of the Upper East Side of NY, unfortunately…).

Today was just like the average winter day in Belgium: cold, windy, sometimes a little sunshine and sometimes a little bit of rain and no snow. I was leaving today for a family lunch in a restaurant, so I decided to go for a skirt for this occasion since it is never too cold to wear a skirt in my opinion. πŸ˜‰

Lately I am very in LOVE with the trend of over-the-knee boots. They really give every outfit that little bit extra stylish touch and next to that they are good for keeping your legs warm enough. I am normally not the type of person that wears a whole outfit of black but when I do, I like to combine it with some accessoires that give the outfit a little more definition. That is why I chose for these beige over-the knee boots and a cute little burgundy shoulder bag to complete the outfit.
Finishing of with some small Swarovski jewellery to give my turtleneck black sweater a little more glam. This outfit is 100 percent me!

Oh and my dad gave the remark I was really dressed very summerish since he thought I had bare legs (ofcourse I wore a winter coat over it). But no, I was wearing just a good pair of nude stockings which I thought looked good on this outfit. Normally I wouldn’t wear nude stockings for a winter day outfit but with over the knee boots, everything just gets better. πŸ˜‰

Do you want to know where I got all the fashion pieces from? Look down below for detailled description.



Jewellery: Swarovski

Burgundy shoulderbag: Gift of my sweet friend AurΓ©lie

Turtleneck sweater: ZARA

Skirt: New Yorker

Over-the-knee boots: Schutz

Goodbye exams, HELLO holiday + what I do to get rid of my breakouts (bad skin 101)

In this blogpost I will anounce some good news and some bad news.
First ofcourse starting with the good news and that is that my exams are over and that I have a big week of holiday!
It was again a quite long and busy exam period but the feeling you get after that month is over, is literally priceless. It really feels good to finally find some rest -even though the holiday could be a little longer for me but that aside- and to not think of studying for once. I haven’t really planned a holiday in terms of going abroad since my semester was so busy with Miss Supranational that I just wanted to rest and not make my small holiday busy again with packing and travelling etc. I just use this holiday to relax and lay back a little, which can also be needed sometimes. πŸ˜‰
Anyway, I do plan to go abroad in the coming weeks/months, so that promises already some interesting blogposts.
Even though I plan to relax quite a bit this holiday, that doesn’t mean I sit ALL the time at home. I plan to see the friends and family I neglected a little because of my busy schedule, to go shopping,… And ofcourse I am very busy for the moment with my blog even though you don’t see that yet, but I am planning to expand my blog. Before it was a lot about pageants, since that was just a central part of my life for some months, but now I want to focus on other things. I will try to post regularly (atleast once a week) about some outfit of the days (OOTD), beautyvideos and just what I have been doing (if it is interested enough, since studying all the time is not interesting to talk about, right?).


I mostly spend the day at home reloading my batteries after these hectic last months… Interested in this sweater? Go take a look at the website of http://www.lotsofcotton.com!Β 

Saturday I went to the opening of Atelier Exc, which is an evening gown store in the heart of Ghent. You should really check out their dresses, it is very beautiful!
We were welcomed with a glass of Champagne and some tasty appetizers (not to forget to mention the delicious dessertbuffet!) in a stylish decor filled with beautiful dresses. I am quite sure this store will make it to the top! There were also quite some Miss Belgium finalists invited, the current Miss Belgium 2018 (Angeline Flor Pua) and also some previous Miss Belgiums like Romanie Schotte and Annelien Coorevits. I have to admit it is quite cool to be surrounded by people like that, no? πŸ˜‰


I know I just bought a camera, but clumsy me forgot to put the memorycard in my new Canon so unfortunately I don’t have the best pictures to show you of me, lol. :p You see, iPhone pictures just don’t work, but atleast you can see something, even though this quality makes me washed out AF. I am in the picture with Alexia Coussement, Miss Belgium finalist 2018, she is such a sweet girl! The dress I am wearing is from TNFC London, I initally bought it for NYE but didn’t wear it eventually but can always be used for other events, as you can see. πŸ˜‰

Oh, and I also have done quite a good buy the last few days! I bought a new camera which is just a vital tool if you want to become a good blogger: no one wants to see pictures that were made by your iPhone, really…Β  So I bought the amazing Canon eos D200, a musthave to make good pictures (and videos).


The CANON D200 I bought, a vital tool for bloggers. To not have these crappy blurry pictures anymore

I almost forgot to mention the bad news: the bad news is that I have very very bad skin at the moment. And I think I also know the cause of that and that is eating bad food. When it is exam period, you tend to let yourself go a little and because of the stress and anxiety you just like to eat some sugar- and fat containing foods which don’t really have the best effect on your skin. Take then also the fact that I just don’t gain weight at all with whatever I eat, and then you really indulge yourself completely with the bad foods, because you don’t gain weight anyway. WRONG! Healthy food does have more effects on your looks than just gaining weight, so that is why I do a complete DETOX to get a better and more clear skin, and that doesn’t only involve healthy food.

So if you also have bad skin and you want to know how to get rid of that, then you should go visit my blog regularly or you can follow this blog by typing in your email at the ‘follow this blog button’ to get updated about my new blog posts. I will explain everything in a blogpost or a video.

Even if you don’t have bad skin, it is still important to take care of it, also when you are young and in your twenties. Did you know that how you take care of your skin now when it is young, has a huge effect on the look of it when you are for example 40 years old? Even though you don’t have wrinkles yet, you still make the base for the future. So I will help you out with that in one of my future blogposts!


Lots of love,



CHEERS to the new year in Denmark! Celebrating the start of 2018 in style…

New Year’s Eve… We start the new year by celebrating to the maximum. Also in exam period so I said for this holiday again: bye bye books…

For New Year’s Eve I was still in Denmark with my boyfriend’s family and so I also got to experience this holiday in the Scandinavian country. Also at this holiday there are some differences in celebrating the new year. Let’s just all sum them up.

Ofcourse I would say it depends from person to person but I think I can somehow generalize that it is the tradition to celebrate NYE with friends instead of family for the whole evening and night. In my environment in Belgium it is more the tradition to first start the evening out with a big dinner with family and then when the clock gets closer to 12 o’clock young people leave their houses with family to see their friends and party with them. In Denmark you start the evening around 17-18 o’clock with a group of friends until the early morning hours.

So NYE starts quite early in Denmark, but why is that? Danish people really LOVE their royal family and they are very popular, unlike in Belgium, and so it is the tradition for every household or NYE party that is going on to watch the Queen’s speech at 18 o’clock where she talks about the year that has passed.
In Belgium our King only has a speech at Christmas but I don’t think that reaches a number of views that takes up 1/3th of the population… So the royal family has quite a big influence and popularity in this country.



Danish people love their Queen and their royal family so 1/3th of the population is behind their screen at New Year’s Eve to see what the Queen has to say this year.


Another thing that is quite common in Scandinavia so also Denmark is the culture of alcohol. We also tend to drink quite some on NYE ofcourse but I think the alcohol culture is a little more outspoken in the northern part of Europe. There is always loads of alcohol served with every dish.

So after the Queen’s speech we have a traditional 4 courses menu which is quite the same as in Belgium. But what I noticed was that the dinnertable was full of party decoration and party hats and everything. Also when I shopped into the Danish supermarket there was traditionally a whole department with NYE decoration and party accessoires to make the dinner table party proof. I haven’t seen that as much in Belgium. Danish people really loooove NYE a lot, I think it is one of their favourite holidays in the year, especially since they love to party in this country.



The traditional marzipan ring cake that is being eaten when they toast to the new year after midnight.


When the clock tends to announce the new Β year, everyone will sit together with a glass of champagne and Danish marzipan cake to toast on the new year. After that they all go watch the fireworks and go party until the early hours, which is quite the same as in Belgium.
Just a small note about the fireworks, I saw the news the day after NYE that there have been 113 people severly injured because of the fireworks (people that lose certain body parts or lose their eyesight). Even when I was watching the fireworks, it got put 2 meters in front of me, I didn’t think it was safe at all! And a lot of people make fireworks on themselves with all the horrible consequences after.

(I am really generalizing in this post, ofcourse some things will be different in certain families but overall these are the main differences)

nyeMe celebrating with a glass of champagne to the new year. My motto for dressing on NYE is to go all the way with glitters and make up. I think this is the only day in the year where you can’t be too much with your make-up and dressing style. The dress is something I don’t wear at a normal party during the year since it is quite revealing and over the top with the glitters but I think for this one day, this type of dress shouldn’t be considered trashy but right into the dresscode. I love it! (Dress from Lipsy)

Check out my videos on Youtube!